On this page you can meet the friendly people who work at our school.

The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils. Aren't they great!

Miss Richards
by Morgan

Mrs Cox
by Rio

Mr Turner
by Zak

Mrs Windridge
by Eve

Mr Mulligan
by Blake

Mrs Wright
by Wiktoria

Miss Stubbs
by Katie

Miss Shovlin
by Heidi

Mrs Ryder
by Libby

Miss Peters
by Paloma

Miss Gresty
by Harry

Mrs Keeling
by Eve

Mrs Haywood
by Eve

Mrs Walker
by Morgan

Miss Barnes
by Eve

Mrs Terry
by Kadey

Mrs Bush
by Kimi

Mrs Rudd
by Isabelle

Mrs Cooksey
by Poppy

Mrs Chandler
by Jake

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibilities
Miss D Richards Headteacher
Mrs D Cox Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Turner Assistant Head, Year 5 Teacher
Mrs M Windridge Phase Leader, Reception Teacher
Mr B Mulligan English Coordinator, Year 6 Teacher
Mrs A Wright Year 5 Teacher, SENCO
Miss N Stubbs Year 4 Teacher
Miss R Shovlin Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Ryder Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Peters Year 1 Teacher
Miss V Gresty Nursery Teacher
Mrs J Keeling HLTA Year 2
Mrs H Haywood Teaching Assistant Year 6
Mrs E Walker Teaching Assistant Year 5
Miss M Barnes Teaching Assistant Nursery/Year 4
Mrs J Terry Teaching Assistant Year 3/Year 4
Mrs J Bush Teaching Assistant Year 1
Mrs E Rudd Teaching Assistant Reception
Mrs A Cooksey Finance Manager
Mrs H Chandler School Secretary
Mrs C Jinks After School Club
Mrs T Farnell Principal Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Tampin Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs B Harrison Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Jukes Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Moseley Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Staples Midday Supervisor