After School Club

The After School Club at St. Francis runs five days a week from 3.15 to 5.20pm.

After School Club is a fun way to end a child’s working day. Children are provided with a snack and drinks and are often treated to the home-made delights from the weekly baking sessions.

They are given the opportunity to interact with children of all ages, not necessarily those they often play with. This provides them with the opportunity to communicate further and enrich socialisation skills.

The children also have opportunities to work independently as well as teaming up for activities. They are given the freedom to choose from a variety of stimulating activities each evening, including cooking, dressing up, crafts and painting, and outside play with scooters, bikes and other exciting play equipment.

After School Club enables working families to balance work commitments with family life knowing their children are in a safe, stimulating environment.

Fees and Arrangements

The cost of after school club is £5.00 per session.

Refunds are made for absence that has been notified prior to session or if the child if off sick. A registration fee of £5.00 is charged termly to cover administration. Late pick up charge is £20.00.

All fees are payable weekly in advance. Please send your payment to the school office each Monday in an envelope clearly marked 'After School Club' with your child's name and the amount enclosed.

Please book your child in for sessions at the start of a half term. If you require a place unexpectedly, please contact school immediately so that we can help.